No RR Crossings

Railroad Crossings

The above railroad crossing images are common, every day reminders that roads and railroad tracks intersect. We spend a lot of time at intersections waiting for trains, often very long trains, so that we can continue safely on our way. Imagine if there were no intersections. No waits. No over-done blasts from the train's horn signal. No more train/car accidents. Obviously we already have bridges and tunnels to alleviate the congestion. But imagine a little farther out - convert all intersections to bridges, viaducts and tunnels. Imagine the improved productivity. Imagine high-speed rail on the current right-of-way.

Converting all intersections is a big, expensive project and would probably take 100 years. If America is looking for an investment in our infrastructure then we propose this is it. It creates jobs and improves productivity. It's been done before.

Anyone who rides a commuter train into Chicago has probably noticed that the tracks are above street level for a great portion of the rail system inside the city of Chicago. The North Line is above the road starting in Wilmette and stays above ground all the way to the terminal in downtown Chicago. Imagine what driving in Chicago, which is already a chore, would be like if streets and tracks intersected as they do in the suburbs! The images on the next screen show that it can be done and has been done.

This project has been on-going, but we need to do more. This site is dedicated to eliminating RR crossings. We plan to be a repository of information, ideas and resources to help guide this process. Visit our Blog for more up to date information / Post to our Blog ---
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